The national debt is one of the most serious issues pressing our country today.

Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chairman, has said that “the deficit at the end of 2020 would be nine percent of GDP and the federal debt would balloon to more than 100 percent of GDP.” Of course, the reality could be much worse. Never the less, as it stands, the interest we pay on the national debt will soon approach $500 billion a year and within 10 years could reach $1 trillion a year. While that maybe around 10 percent of GDP, it would be over 100 percent of all revenues the government collects in a year.

No matter what our politicians in Washington, DC say, this problem has continued to grow because of their inaction and unwillingness to make the tough choices for the benefit of the nation. Instead, our elected officials continue to use the federal budget as their own personal piggy bank – rewarding key constituencies with new government programs, expanding funding and other perks in exchange for support on election day.

Politics as usual needs to end!

In order to stop our rising national debt, the Reform Party needs help from people like you and others. We need to build a network of volunteers who can champion the cause of debt reduction and greater financial responsibility all over the state of Virginia. We need county leaders, district captains, writers, bloggers, people with media experience and much more to help get the word out.

The first step for all of this – is to join the Reform Party, and contact us to get more information.

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