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The California Reform Party will focus on the following issues:

1. State Budget – The California Reform Party will work to reduce spending in all government agencies
and advocates a 15% reduction in all departments.
2. Long Term Debt – The California Reform Party will work to reduce state entitlements by eliminating
state guaranteed employee retirement benefits.
3. Voting – The California Reform Party advocates extended ballot access and will pass laws to extend
ballot access to five state party’s.
4. State Assembly – The Reform Party Of California advocates honesty from our politicians. We will
publish all dishonest promises.
5. Immigration – The Reform Party Of California advocates a America First Policy
6. Small Business – The Reform Party Of California advocates the removal of redundant laws and rules
that inhibit small business growth.
7. Big Business – The Reform Party Of California advocates a one year reduction of tax benefits of large
companies to pay down our debt.

8. Taxes – The Reform Party Of California believes in tax cuts for all its citizens and advocates that all government agencies are managed at a local level.

Chairmans Message

Californian’s We have always been the state that sets the standard for America. We have led the way on important issues, such as the environment, fair pay, handicap rules, and have innovated many industrial process’s in all industries. We are the leaders in micro technology. Now the time has come to do it again. We …

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Current Efforts

Click here for the 9 out of 10 story

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Debt Clock

 The reform party believes in cutting spending , reducing cost and changing entitlements for government workers. This is the debt we are adding to our children. We must stop spending! We Are Charging Each Family $42,566 –

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As readers to come learn more about the Reform Party, there are still questions that people ask. In an effort to provide some answers, we have developed this FAQ section. If this section and the website do not answer all your questions, do not hesitate to write the party office via email: rpca [at] …

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The Reform Party is a grassroots organization.   Each level of the organization is able to adopt and promote a platform document that best represents the interests of that constituency. Click here to stay on the California State Site You can read more about our National Platform here. The Reform Party of California is currently developing a …

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Party Leadership

California State Reform Party Officers: Mark Kravis – Chairman Alan Reynolds – Secretary-Treasurer Party Mailing Address: Reform Party of California Mark Kravis, Chairman 4805 5th Street, Suite 147 Rainbow, CA 92028      

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