Proposition 22

Proposition 22
Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
1414. (09-0063, Amdt.#1NS) – Final Random Sample Update – 06/22/10

Prohibits the State from Taking Funds Used for Transportation or Local Government Projects and Services.

Qualified: 06/22/10

Proponents: Joshua Shaw, Christopher K. McKenzie, and James N. Earp

Prohibits the State from shifting, taking, borrowing, or restricting the use of tax revenues dedicated by law to fund local government services, community redevelopment projects, or transportation projects and services. Prohibits the State from delaying the distribution of tax revenues for these purposes even when the Governor deems it necessary due to a severe state fiscal hardship. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Significant constraints on state authority over city, county, special district, and redevelopment agency funds. As a result, higher and more stable local resources, potentially affecting billions of dollars in some years. Commensurate reductions in state resources, resulting in major decreases in state spending and/or increases in state revenues. (09-0063.) (Full Text)

Yes – local governments should retain control of funds, the state should not rob Peter to pay Paul.