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The Reform Party is a grassroots organization.   Each level of the organization is able to adopt and promote a platform document that best represents the interests of that constituency.

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You can read more about our National Platform here.

The Reform Party of California is currently developing a state platform for approval at the next state convention.

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State Platform        State College Platform The following issues are under consideration.They have not been approved by a state convention and are not part of our formal platform at this time. Click here for Reform Party Of California’s stance on 2010 propositions

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National Platform

1. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY The Reform Party SUPPORTS fiscal responsibility with accountability. 2. TAX POLICY The Reform Party SUPPORTS fair taxation policies without prejudice or special interest exceptions. 3. JOB CREATION The Reform Party SUPPORTS an “America First” position. 4. PERSONAL HEALTHCARE The Reform Party SUPPORTS policies and the belief that healthcare should be managed between …

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