May 13 2011

Sharing The Burden

Sharing the burden to bring California back.  – Californians need a plan. The plan must be strong , detailed , fair and implementable.   Californians first need to accept that REAL change is needed to obtain prosperity for future generations.  Californian’s also need to accept that current prosperity will be slow going , I would expect five years of very slow growth. Lastly we need to accept that our two existing parties will only sink us further into debt. To them political expedience ( Misinformation) will be their guide and substantive changes are unlikely as they have been for the last 15 years.


Laying out the issues – Following is a list of issues for our State.  There is no reference to social issues as the Reform Party does not have them in their Platform.



Declining Tax Revenue – Our principle loss is the loss of new business in California. Many business’s have fled the state and many more have been burned by the burden of  state requirements.  California is one of the greatest states in the union and almost everybody wants to live here, that is if they could prosper here as well. Only a fool would struggle his whole life if there was a better life somewhere else. Very few Americans are fools. The solution here is a three step approach. Our approach will allow almost every standard California has to stay in place, but will reduce cost and expedite permits.

Cause – The state assembly has taken a position of fear and has burdened itself with legal concerns. This MINDSET has only one solution.  Cover your _ _ _.  This is a cowardly stance, but it is prominent in present  society. The state does not trust the cities and municipalities and is afraid to be sued by special interest groups and or the federal government. This should change to the state taking a stand against unnecessary laws and federal compliance. California needs to be independent and should trust the local governments to do the right thing, ( follow the law).

Solution 1 (step1) – The state will reduce the number of agencies required to revie

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