Apr 19 2011

California Progress

News letter
The Reform Party Solution

As governor Brown continues down the same path as past governors, its
clear to me that there is no solution ahead for California. Californians must
realize that the continuing partisanship from both extremes and the scare tactics
they use to motivate people “fear”, will only perpetuate our fiscal situation.
Ideology is not an answer and trimming branches will never help solve our
problems. This Problem must be attacked from the roots. There are two root
problems facing us in California. Business growth and Spending. So far neither
Schwarzenegger or Brown has approached the root problems. Reform party
solutions are Real and Simple. First we must reduce the number of agencies
that are required when permitting. In my own circumstance I was subject to 13
agencies, where none new what the other was doing and the process continues
still today, four years later. Thats just for a car wash and I still donʼt have a
permit. It would be simple to have the cities do it all. One stop shop. If the state
cannot trust the cities then we are doomed anyway. All thirteen agency
concerns could have been considered in just the city process, reducing the
time and cost of permitting. If we just take care of that, businessʼs will return to
California and tax revenue would increase. Cutting spending is the second root.
We must eliminate our guaranteed liability. No government or business could
survive with guaranteed pensions. Risk does not go away, even if you are the
government. Pensions and benefits should go to the free market along with
everyone else. To some this might sound like a simple approach. Well it is, but it
will work. We have to tackle the big issues first and the Reform Party is ready to
do so. The state will continue to fall deeper and deeper into debt and I believe
the approach this governor will take is to lay people off. Another small branch
and a few leaves trimmed, as the debt grows and Californiaʼs services dwindle.
Mark Kravis
Reform Party Of California – Treasurer
March 9, 2011